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A nationwide minigolf federation exists also in Moldova, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, however none of these countries has ever participated in international competitions, and possibly are not arranging many domestic competitions both. The world record on one spherical of minigolf is eighteen strokes on 18 holes. More than a thousand gamers have formally achieved this score on eternite. On different enjoying systems a perfect round of 18 holes-in-one is extremely rare, and has never been scored in an official national or international tournament.

In the 1950s, Don Clayton invented the Putt-Putt brand with a give attention to treating minigolf significantly, emphasizing ability and participant improvement. Most of the Putt Putt routes were 2-par holes involving ramps or angled blocks that could be mastered in one go through apply. It is performed on courses consisting of a collection of holes much like its father or mother, but characterised by their short length . The British Minigolf Association has a further downside on their way to larger success in aggressive minigolf.


The e-book Tilting At Windmills by Andy Miller tells the story of the formerly sports activities-hating creator making an attempt to alter by competing in miniature golf, including occasions in Denmark and Latvia. By the late 50s almost all provide catalogs carried Taylor Brother’s obstacles. Though this group solely lasted a number of years it was the first attempt to deliver miniature golf operators collectively to advertise miniature golf.

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In 1938 Joseph and Robert Taylor from Binghamton, New York, began constructing and working their very own miniature golf programs. These courses differed from the ones in the late 20s and early 30s; they have been now not just rolls, banks, and curves, with an occasional pipe thrown in. Their programs not solely had landscaping, but also obstacles, including windmills, castles, and wishing wells. When miniature golf retains many of these characteristics but without the usage of any props or obstacles, it’s purely a mini model of its father or mother game. Nearly all European nations have an official nationwide federation for selling minigolf as a contest sport. The bi-annual European Championships appeal to competitors from more than twenty European nations.

As of 2012, Chris Beattie has been the holder of the European Championship title. Outside Europe only a small number of countries have participated in worldwide minigolf competitions. These international locations include the United States, Japan, China, India and Taiwan.

The guidelines of Sport England declare that just one variant of each sport may be accepted as member Рand minigolf is interpreted as a variant of golf. The sport of miniature golf is ruled internationally by the World Minigolf Sport Federation , headquartered in G̦teborg, Sweden. The WMF is a member of Global Association of International Sports Federations. It organises World Championships for youth and elite players, and Continental Championships in Europe, Asia and the United States, held in alternate years.