Taco Bell Explores a Fresh Prototype of its Famous Crunchwrap

When you think of Taco Bell, healthy eating may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the popular Tex-Mex-style restaurant chain is actually one of the healthiest fast food restaurants available, thanks to its use of whole-food, plant-based ingredients like black beans, tomatoes and lettuce. The company has stated its dedication to helping every customer “get [their] perfect Taco Bell order”—including its “vegetarian, flexitarian and veggie-curious customers.”

Now, the popular fast food chain is taking that dedication a step further through the release of its new vegan Crunchwrap. Here’s everything you need to know about the vegan Crunchwrap, including what plant-based ingredients it uses and how you can order yours ASAP.

What Is the New Vegan Crunchwrap?

Courtesy Taco Bell

The vegan Crunchwrap shares the familiar flavors of the original, but replaces all animal-based ingredients with vegan-friendly ones. First, the vegan Crunchwrap contains a “proprietary, boldly seasoned” plant-based protein. The company makes this protein out of soy and pea, according to an interview with CNN. Additionally, the vegan Crunchwrap replaces sour cream with a vegan blanco sauce and adds vegan nacho sauce. All of this zesty, saucy goodness is then wrapped up in a crunchy tostada shell.

Is the Vegan Crunchwrap Strictly Vegan?

None of the ingredients used in the vegan Crunchwrap are animal-based. However, the company warns that “cross contact” may occur in restaurant kitchens during the preparation. The vegan Crunchwrap will be prepared using the same facilities as the restaurant’s meat products, so vegan fast food lovers may want to proceed with caution.

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How Can I Order the Vegan Crunchwrap?

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

Currently, the vegan Crunchwrap is only available at New York City, Hollywood and Orlando Taco Bell locations. The company identified these cities as having “notable vegan populations” and released the vegan Crunchwraps there on June 8. The vegan Crunchwrap costs somewhere between $4.99 and $6.79—the same as the standard Crunchwrap—depending on the city.

If you live outside of these cities, only time will tell if the vegan Crunchwrap is on its way to you. In the meantime, you can always make copycat versions of your Taco Bell favorites vegan at home.

What Else is Vegan-Friendly on the Taco Bell Menu?

While the vegan Crunchwrap would be the first fully vegan entree on the Taco Bell menu, there are many ways to customize your order to make it vegan. Taco Bell has released its own guide to ordering vegan at the restaurant, centered around two notable tricks. First, ask to replace any meat in your burritos, bowls or tacos with black beans, refried beans or potato bites. Second, order your meal “fresco style” to replace any dairy and egg-based add-ins with freshly diced tomatoes.

Lastly, if you’re not a strict vegan and just want a slightly healthier version, you can always make a Crunchwrap at home to control the amount of salt and fat added.

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