We sampled Miyoko’s Vegan Butter and we absolutely love it

I realize that’s a pretty bold statement to say that I’m obsessed with Miyoko’s Vegan Butter. However, I think I’m more than qualified to make that claim.

Diagnosed as lactose intolerant back in my mid-20s, I’ve spent the last 30 years like a modern-day Don Quixote tilting at faux dairy windmills only to be disappointed time and time again. I’ve succumbed to the alure of numerous butter-challengers, only to discover I can believe they’re not butter. But, ever the optimist, I firmly held onto the belief that good things come to those who wait, and it finally has.

My First Encounter

I first tried Miyoko’s European Style Cultured Vegan Butter at a food show in San Francisco back in 2019. I was thoroughly engrossed in a grilled cheese sandwich, made from her plant-based dairy products when Miyoko Schinner, founder and CEO of the company, walked up and asked how I liked it. While I am normally pretty reserved, I went completely fan-boy crazy on her. I gushed for what seemed like 10 minutes before I caught myself (I’m sure it was just 10 seconds) and regained my composure.

She laughed when I apologized and told me not to worry, it happens a lot, especially with people who couldn’t have dairy for a long time. People who regularly eat dairy products will never understand but for those of us who’ve gone without for so long, it’s like meeting a long-lost friend again.

What is Miyoko’s Cultured Vegan Butter?

Unlike many other butter alternatives, Miyoko’s version is the closest in taste, texture and cooking abilities to milk-based butter that I’ve come across. It starts with a base of coconut and sunflower oils with just a little cashew cream for added creaminess. It’s then fermented and churned resulting in something very close to dairy-based European-style butter.

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Straight out of the refrigerator, the texture is a tad more crumbly than traditional butter, but it quickly softens up and becomes very spreadable. It also works extremely well in every baked good I’ve tried it in. And unlike other plant-based products, this one browns up just like dairy butter, so I can enjoy browned butter sauces again!

Making the Switch to Non-Dairy Butter

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Living in Wisconsin, where we’re practically swimming in milk, you’d think there wouldn’t be many people looking for plant-based alternatives. Think again. In my office, there is a group of lactose-denied who are comparing notes about new products we’ve found. Even our CEO, Bonnie Kintzer, is among our dairy-free tribe.

“I’m so grateful to have found Miyoko’s butter — when you can’t eat dairy, you really miss it! This is the first product I’ve used that makes me feel like I’m eating butter.” —Bonnie Kintzer, CEO Trusted Media Brands

After I got back from that food show, I shared all of Miyoko’s products and they won over everyone who tried them.

“Miyoko’s is the only non-dairy butter I like to slather on bread or dollop on steamed veggies. Somehow she nailed the flavor of actual butter—it’s sweet, creamy and just the right amount of salty. The consistency is spot on, too. It’s not at all oily!” —Ellie Martin Cliffe, Executive Editor, Taste of Home

Our Culinary Director and head of our Test Kitchen, who loves her dairy products, also became a believer.

“Miyoko’s Butter tastes like the real McCoy! I slather dairy butter on everything and I’ve never been a fan of butter substitutes. But this non-butter butter tasted just like butter! It was rich, creamy, and well, buttery, with a touch of sweetness. When I pulled it from the fridge and sampled it chilled—it had the same texture and feel as butter, too. I replaced regular butter with Miyoko’s in my weekend baking and everything turned out tasting (and looking) just how I expected. I’m a fan!”—Sarah Farmer, Executive Culinary Director, Taste of Home

But the true test was yet to come. Could I serve it to friends and family without them noticing? I quietly made the swap and sat back waiting to see if anyone would notice. Numerous dinners and countless baked goods later, no one had spotted the switch. Well, to be fair, my husband did notice but he thought I was just buying an imported European butter. When even my father, who’s been a dairy purest for 80+ years and has never been shy about pointing out phonies, didn’t pick up on the switch, I knew I found a winner.

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Where Can You Buy Miyoko’s Butter?

As the market for dairy alternatives grows, so do the selections. More and more grocery stores are starting to bring in a small selection of Miyoko’s butter and cheeses. Most Whole Foods stores, as well as many health food stores, carry her products. If your store doesn’t carry them, please don’t be shy. Talk to the store manager or send them an email requesting it. Most grocery stores encourage their customers to let them know what to stock their shelves with.

If you’re an online shopper, you can find all her products at Miyokos.com.

Fair warning, don’t expect to pay the same amount for this as you would dairy butter. I paid $6.25 for a half-pound at my local store. While this may seem like a splurge to many of you reading this, for me, it’s well worth the investment if I can enjoy foods I haven’t had for years without feeling slighted at all.

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